We ALREADY know that research can save lives.

In February, the Coalition for National Trauma Research--including members of NTI’s board of directors and leaders in AAST, EAST, WTA and ACS-COT--made a total of 114 meetings on Capitol Hill.Thirty-four trauma surgeons and five staff people visited the Congressional offices of 27 states to make the case for increased funding for traumatic injury research.

After 50 years of inadequate funding, documented in multiple national reports, it’s time for an investment in a research program that is commensurate with the burden of trauma—a public health challenge that takes more than 190,000 lives and represents an economic burden of over $585 Billion every year.

What are we waiting for?

The National Trauma Institute advocates for adequate funding within the DOD Health Program for a National Trauma Clinical Research Program, which will accelerate the development of evidence-based guidelines to improve the treatment of trauma. Read the white paper.

Learn about the Coalition for National Trauma Research—a partnership of five leading trauma organizations working for more federal funding.

Even a 5% reduction in trauma deaths, injuries and economic burden would save nearly 10,000 lives, prevent 1.5 million injuries, and reduce the nation’s healthcare burden by $26 billion

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U.S. Deaths
Due to Trauma
since Jan. 1, 2015:

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